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What an incredible autumn... start at MIX 21 with "F/F." The best, sexiest festival ever from StephenKJusick, Domi, SuBurgess, KateHuh, AndreHereford, FrankSusa & JimHubbard. Every festival should climax like MIX, please!

Climax after climax were on show at Jurgen Bruning's 3.PornfilmFestivalBerlin! Jurgen, Mauela Kay, Claus Matthes, Wiebke Hoogklimmer, KiKi Petersen & Thomas Blesinger are cinema angels for screening "F/F" & "the HiV Collection" with sex-rights superhero Claudette. And Thank You Travis Jeppesen for the fantastic REVIEW at

clublum visited PARIS for election day with "F/F" playing at Le Grande REX Cinema in Florence Fradelizi's FFGLP. We rocked out with Lynnie Breedlove from Tribe 8, "HOWIE" Getman visited, the Eiffel tower sparkled & Obama won!
Niranjan Kamatkar & Subodh Rathod presented "Overdue Conversation" at
The first gay Arts group in UK history to have their reception at the House of Lords!
Missed "DOG" at but met Maxime Cervulle & Marco Dell'Omodarne in Berlin & in Paris w/ Tom DePekin & Armelle LaBelle.
Also missed "Overdue" at but thank Joan Burnett for: "The film really merits the widest audience possible."
Lisa Vandever premiered the most daring clublum short ever, "ACC" at Cinekink09. Her hot play party finale rivalled MIX. NYC festivals are rockin sexy!
REALCORE @ Bridge NY ArtFair Talk w/Barbara DeGenvieve & Sergio Messina..... fun sexy pix!
Seriously Splendid was "SEX MANIC" at Prague's historic Svetozor Cinema in Ales Rumpel's MEZIPATRA, but Lucia Kajankova & Anna Purkrabkova were even more gorgeous than the theatre! Great seeing jurors Manuela Kay, Mel Pritchard & Joao Ferreria. (rollover)
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