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YAIR HOCHNER HOSTS FABULOUS clublum 50TH @ Congratulated onstage by Wieland Speck; Birthday cake with friends Kristian Petersen, Wayne Yung, Todd Verow, Gustaf Hofer, Luca Ragazzi, Claus Matthes and Jurgen Bruning; my first FESTIVAL JURY w/Wieland & Wayne; Two "IML" shorts in late night screenings; AND the first full program screening of "the HiV Collection." Thanks to the kind hearts of Yair, Itzik, Eldar, Ziv, & Anat for clublum in Tel Aviv!


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the clublum GAY PRIDE 50th was too crowded to be merely fabulous... it was simply "the greatest place on earth!"
Thank you to Lisa Kasalek, David Sweeney and Ajae Clearway at aGLIFF for hosting clublum with "F/F" in the center of wild Austin, TX this September. Great to see past Festival Director Lonnie Stern and former Image/Out programmer Dan Humphrey at my big 3rd aGLIFF!
OBRIGADO for my third invite to Queer Lisboa from the amazing Joao Ferreria, Nuno Galopim, Albino Cunha and Miriam Faria!
To the best festival team: Laura, Anna, Phillippe, Oscar, Silvia, and Luis! ANGELo TAVARES is the best host on earth!