THANK YOU KATE HUH & MIX!!!!!! for the 1st clublum retrospective!!
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first clublum retrospectives!

The very first full program show of my work was graciously put on by Kate Huh and Stephen Kent Jusick at MIX NYC. Thanks everyone who came and SORRY about "Pissies" and "Indelible." Private screenings are available!In addition to curating the "the HiV Collection" into a single program, TLV Fest's Yair Hochner also selected the IML favorites "Pissies" and "Dog Eat Dog" for his SEXY MIX show at 3AM in a sleepless Tel Aviv."F/F" will screen in Lisbon & Berlin and is touring with Cinekink in SF at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It SOLD OUT with Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Holder's "Suddenly, Last Winter" at TEK Festival in Rome.Thanks Massimo, WARBEAR, Luca & the TEKFest crew! "SEX MANIC" had two SOLD-OUT crowds at the BFI in London in the "TEAROOM" program at the 22nd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, marking my fourth year of consecutive screenings in the UK. Thanks London, Varro in Regina & everyone else for a great 2008! "Overdue Conversation" has been chosen by Diego Torres to premiere at the FIRST GAY FILM FESTIVAL IN BOLIVIA in La Paz in July!