facts. SUCK                                     2004

12 Minutes

One Liner: "facts. SUCK" uses various documentary tactics to illuminate a personal struggle with the moral complexities of oral sex and HIV transmission.

Through direct-address, documentary interview and observed visits with doctor, psychiatrist and pharmacist, the personal and moral complexities of sexual activity and HIV are addressed, concluding with the realization that "facts" are inadequate at best in dealing with the ethical issues of disease and desire, infection, transmission and responsibility. “facts. SUCK” dares to pit personal principles against a cultural and social morality.


“Time Arts Event”, G2 Gallery, Chicago IL
“Global Transmissions”, High Risk Gallery, Chicago IL
Wingspan Film Festival, Tucson AZ
NEWFEST, New York City NY
Milwaukee LGTB Festival, WI
London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, National Film Theatre- SOUTH BANK UK
Fairy Tales, Calgary CANADA
OUTLOOK: The 13th Dublin G&LFF, Irish Film Institute  IRELAND
“Menace To Propriety”, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
REELING 24, Chicago IL
Out In Africa, Johannesburg/CapeTown   SOUTH AFRICA