black  (n, adj)                               2005

4 Minutes

"black  (n, adj.)" places Microsoft Word's Dictionary definitions of the word "black" over dance floor footage and a two-camera interview with performance artist EggMan at the infamous Black (‘circuit’) Party in New York.
A video about sub-cultures, behavior and the flexibility of definition, "black  (n, adj.)" weaves through a verbal dialogue of unsafe sexual activities from a context where such behavior is normative. The definitions invite the superimposition of an AIDS fearing political climate of viral hysteria over the opposite context of uninhibited sexual license. In stark affect, "black  (n, adj.)" exposes social power as manifest within language itself.

One-Liner: Definitions of the word “black” at ”The Black Party” expose how language indicts and affects both behaviors and people.


MIX 18-2005, Anthology Film Archives NYC
Inside/Out 2005, Toronto CAN
NEWFEST 2005, New York City
Fairy Tales, Calgary CANADA
Image/Out, Rochester NY
Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Fest, OR
“Screening HIV” Artist’s Space, SoHo, NYC
Out In Africa, Johannesburg/CapeTown-   SOUTH AFRICA
“Screening HIV:” 2006 AIDS CONFERENCE Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto- CANADA
19th Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival,  TEXAS
Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,  SPAIN
Mezipatra 2006: 7th Czech Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Prague  CZECH REPUBLIC