auto-pilot                                          2005

5 Minutes

A tricky formalist exercise imbedded into a short narrative, "auto-pilot"uses a divided screen to contrast the filmic techniques of real and manipulated time, static and fluid camera, and documented activity vs. acting. A dual exploration of objectivity and subjectivity via camera positioning and audience point of view, "auto-pilot"  upends the narrative conclusions suggested by it’s mundane imagery. The composed soundtrack ominously counterpoints the banal activity. The abrupt brevity of "auto-pilot"requires meaning to be negotiated only in retrospect, imposing new narratives on linear time and emotional perspectives.

It’s formal, it’s funny, it shocks and it’s short.




“The Death of Z Fest”. Chicago IL

“Menace to Propriety”, University of Rochester, NY

MIX NYC 2007: Soho, New York