PARK                                               2004

7 Minutes

PARK explores the ambiguity in an anonymous sexual encounter.

In public, the ubiquity and/or invisibility of video cameras now mix observation with voyeurism, performance and entrapment. In PARK, as audience, we become complicit in a forbidden desire. The viewer, as camera, both instigates and records this event; a literal video seduction.
Are we witnessing a performance or a crime?
This variability of interpretation illustrates the impossibility of determining what actually transmits between minds or bodies in either vicarious or physical encounter.
PARK addresses complexities of HIV with an open, conspicuous stare. By generating the affect of surveillance while refusing narrative conclusion, it questions the boundaries of both knowledge and privacy.


Time Arts Event: G2 Gallery, Chicago IL
“Global Transmissions”, High Risk Gallery, Chicago IL
“3 on 3” Higher Gallery, Chicago IL
“Menace To Propriety”, U of R, Rochester, NY
“Sex, Art & Disclosure Law” -
The Assoc of the Bar of the City of New York
Out In Africa, Johannesburg/Cape Town   SOUTH AFRICA
2nd Pornfilmfestival Berlin,  GERMANY